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milled metal partDid you know that finding the right vendor can save you more than half the cost and days of delivery time over an inappropriatley outfitted shop?
Tired of spending time sifting through vendors to find the one that can save you money because they have the right equipment for your custom part?

That's our job and we do it really well! We represent a wide range of machine shops with various strengths and capabilities. We direct your custom part to the right shop, right away.

We offer ISO Certified parts and will work to most Mil Specs. We have shops that can turn parts up to 25" dia. via CNC Lathes. We have 5 Axis Unattended machining capabilities. We mill up to 12" x 24" in thicknesses of > 2" . We can quote you stainless steel machining, high volume machining (long run machining), low volume and prototyping volumes (short run) and lathe part machining in addition to swiss and screw machining. We can also offer you quotes on a wide range of plastics. A partial list of plastics machined include: PVC, Polypropylene, Teflon, Nylon, CPVC, Kynar, Kel F, Polyethylene, delrin machining and more. Some industries we serve that require machined plastic parts include marine, medical and military.

ROBO DRILL machining Center w/ 24,000 rpm spindle - MasterCAM 3D CAD/CAM programming Stations - PTC ProEngineer - SolidWorks 3D CAD - PC-DMMIS - programs CMM - Brown & Sharpe Programmable CMM - 36" Brown & Sharpe Micro Height - Mazak Palletech System 4800multi axis precision metal machining - Mazak Palletech System 5800 - Mazak Integrex 300-IV ST - Mazak Integrex 100-IV ST Bar Feeder - Mazak Multiplex 6200Y Bar Feeder - Mazak Quick Turn Nexus 350 - Fanuc Robot R-2000IB 165F - Mitsubishi RB23 CNC Cylindrical Grinder - HAAS VF3 Vertical Machining Center - HAAS VF2 Vertical Machining Center - Nakamura TMC-18 Lathe / 8" Chuck/16C Collet Nose - 7500 RPM. 2" dia. through spindle.

Rapid prototyping, finishing, plating and painting are always available.

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